Metal Composite Roofing

Installing metal roofing is a good idea for any home, and a welcome durable addition to any roof.  Metal is durable and weather resistant, and is even the most fire resistant material used for roofing.  Unlike wooden shingles, or clay tiles, metal will stand up to harsher conditions without a problem, and is also fairly lightweight.  That means you’ll need a strong roof to support this weight, but metal roofing also lends itself to a variety of different styles, so you can find something to suit your unique needs. If you plan on installing metal roofing yourself, then you’ll have to have the proper tool set on hand or else you can call professionals, such as TRIO Roofers. 

TRIO Roofers services the greater San Jose, CA and surrounding areas with integrity, expert craftsmanship and quality installation. From your first contact with our office through the installation of your metal roofing, our quality will be apparent. Our award winning employees will be give you the best service and the best price, every time you choose us for roofing.

At TRIO Roofers, quality is not just a word, but how we do business each and every day. Demand for the highest levels of quality and personal service has aided TRIO Roofers growth into the metal roofing market. Currently, we are the only company who can fabricate standing seam metal roof panels on your job site, thus saving you money and preventing downtime. We are a leader in single ply metal roof systems for schools, restaurants, industrial and commercial applications.

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Top-notch quality and our constant drive for improvement puts TRIO Roofers a level above the rest. We continue to be recognized as one of San Jose, CA’s best commercial roofing companies.

We are devoted and 100% committed to ensuring that every project is done to above standard quality, utmost safety and in a timely manner. Know that when you contact us, you will be speaking with a seasoned and professional contractor ready to tackle your project as if it were his own home.  This is what makes us a leader among the San Jose, CA area.

No matter what your needs are, from a simple flat roof repair to an entire roof replacement or even just a question, our professionals will assist you in determining the correct solution for your commercial roof. Call today to speak to a qualified representative.

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If you are considering metal roofs for their versatility, durability, and long lasting beauty that will add great value to your home, it’s very important to shop around in order to find the best metal roofing contractor for the job or simply call TRIO Roofers.

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