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Are you concerned that will your roof sustain damage during recent severe weather? Often storm and wind damage to your roof can be hard to identify by the unexperienced eye, so it’s important to have your roof assessed for losses. We are happy to give you a free qualified inspection team to see if a professional roof insurance claim is needed. We also provide the necessary guidance that is needed to bring the roof back to its original condition. The surface under which you are living must be strong enough to protect you from all kinds of threats and dangers. So never put the lives of your loved ones at risk and always pay due heed to even the smallest of roof damage.

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With our many years of experience in this industry, our locally owned and managed company, TRIO Roofers has already built a reputation based on outstanding and affordable customer service for clients in the San Jose, CA. We can take care of any size of roofing jobs, delivering each project using the latest and most effective methods in roof repair or renovation.


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TRIO roofing professional service has served more than thousands of houses in Hillsborough, California with excellent roof repair and installation services that eventually make their life happier and more peaceful. We are highly experienced, if you face any problem regarding your house roofing then it would be wise to hire professionals like us to replace your roof because we can cater to your problem in the best possible way. Tackling this project without extensive roofing knowledge can cause expensive damage in the future and you may end up paying more in the long run. Therefore, just think wisely and have your work done under the supervision of our extraordinarily trained and motivated team of expert constructors and masons who knows where the repair work is possible and where it needs to build again from scratch to avoid any inconvenience.

The team of TRIO roofing service always saves you from the hassle of buying materials and raw materials for your roofing work. A qualified contractor should purchase the materials for your roof to eliminate the chances of purchasing the wrong or low-quality materials. Contractors can access competitive prices because they have relationships with suppliers. We buy it ourselves at the best possible rates, which also saves your precious time and money from spending on irrelevant things.

We are very proud to have made this strong reputation of being one of the best residential roofing contractors in [post_title], CA. Due to this, we give our clients insurance backed with up to 10 years of warranty on every new project. With our commitment on giving optimum results all the time, we are continuously developing a wide range of water resistant, environment friendly and hard wearing materials to use that will make any roof we fix or renovate lasts for a much longer period of time.

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If your home is in need of a new top, you can’t go wrong with TRIO Roofers Residential Roofing services. Whether you have a major roof leak or just want to replace worn shingles on your home or rental property, our experienced roof installers can handle the job. We use top-quality materials on all projects, including tile, shake, wood, comp, and more.

TRIO Roofers are experts in roof repairs with our highly trained, skilled contractors. Our team will do a full diagnose on the damage and communicate the extent of the damage to the homeowner in order to provide a full on site solution. All of our work can be done the same day if available as the repair was diagnosed, hence, saving our client’s precious time.  

Roof Maintenance is important to keeping your investment in one tip-top shape for many years to come. In fact, many warranties that accompany a roof from the manufacture void if not properly maintained by their suggestions. Most manufactures suggest common practices that can

For commercial roofing jobs large or small, you can’t beat the reliable service and top-quality materials you’ll receive from the roofing specialists at TRIO Roofers. We’ve specialized in all types of commercial roofing work, from new construction to patching leaks and more. Commercial roofing service from TRIO Roofers can be tailored to suit all types of business and industrial structures, including banks, warehouses, schools, churches, hospitals, markets, and more.

We are the favorite choice for full-service roofing in San Jose, CA and the surrounding areas for a reason. Firstly, everyone knows that we are capable of roof installation of all kinds. No matter what your ideas for your home or commercial property may be, we are the company that can give you the roof you want and need. You can trust that our roofing installation also offers vast longevity and unrivaled strength. That is why we are the top choice for roofing installation in San Jose, CA. 

Building any type of new property is a serious endeavor. As an investor, you want to make sure that you are getting the highest return on your money. The only way to ensure a high return is to work with professional contractors who’ve completed their roofing jobs successfully. Here at TRIO Roofers, we have the experience and a professional body of work that would lay to rest the concerns of the most thoughtful investors. We do solid roofing construction in San Jose, CA guaranteed.

Emergency roof services

It all could start with a small leak and within a few hours it could become a serious problem for the entire home, apartment or commercial property. Therefore, it would be prudent to take the advice of professionals like us who are good at providing proactive maintenance services for roofs so that such emergencies can be avoided.

We look forward to repair and fortify your roof!

What we do?

We, TRIO roofing services are not only the best roof installation or repairing service in California, but we also have the top-notch roof Carpenter to give you an amazing roof wood, clay tile, and concrete tile repair services. There are a lot of things that could cause damage to your home or office, requiring a roofing carpenter in Hillsborough, California. As Wood Rot, even if it looks like the rot took place years ago and isn’t causing more damage, it’s important to have it inspected. Dry rot removal is essential to keep the integrity of your structure.

The TRIO roofing service is master in replacing the rotten wood from your roof and fixing a new one to elongate its life.  Rusting could also be a major problem occurring on the roof of a house or any commercial building. The flashing around the roof could be rusting, which can cause cracks and breaks, resulting in a leak. With the help of our most advanced tools and skills, we could effectively repair the breaks and fill up the leaks to make sure it gets promptly repaired and becomes entirely leak-proof to provide you with a safe and sound surface roof over your head.

About us

TRIO Residential and Commercial Roofing service is a family-owned [post_title], California-based residential and commercial roofing company. We can provide all the possible roofing installation and repair services that you could ever need including Roof installation, roof leak repair, roof wood damage repair, metal composite roofing, and much more.

We employ highly skilled people dedicated to providing you with the best possible roofing system at a competitive price and the least possible time just according to your requirements that perfectly meet up your demands. We are committed to serving the California, Sand Jose area with our continued focus on quality and reliability along with amazing workmanship.

This has been our motto from the beginning. We always work hard to establish long-term relationship with our valuable. We are serving the people of Hillsborough, California with excellent roofing service for a long time that could make it possible for them to live under a highly relatable and. We install best in quality products, with quality workmanship, at a decent and reasonable price and at least possible time so that we could save your precious time and money on spending at the wrong roof service companies.

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Contact us whenever you feel the need of renovating your roof or when you are shifting to a new house, and it has a damaged roof. TRIO Roofing service will assist you in construction, building decks, installing siding, repairing interior/exterior work, and many other roof maintenance works.  We also install skylights. We always provide an excellence work at a reasonable price.

We have a high set of skills for Concrete tile and clay tile installation both inside and outside of the house along with other repairs on facias/soffits/sidings. Whether you want us to start working on drywall from repairs to new installs. Or you want us to take care of the repair work of damaged ceilings and walls, whether you want plywood repairs on roofs or Building stairs, decks, installing hardwood and sand wood floors. Whether you want to work on bathroom/kitchen tiles or wood floors. No matter what type of work it is, we pay special attention to each customer’s request. Call us at (408)886-9287 to book your slot for roofing work that is surely a symbol of excellence. And when you decide to work with us, a meeting is arranged with your TRIO roofer’s project representative and construction supervisor to ensure you are completely satisfied with all the details. Only then the project can begin.