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Roof repair, such as roof assessment, installation, and repair, is best done during the summertime. It’s possible that your roof isn’t equal to the challenge of protecting your home from rainfall, storm, and snowfall. In these kinds of instances, you must identify any roof repairs as soon as possible. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll have to replace your roof with new shingles or add metal roofing. Of course, the best option to escape these expenses is to keep your roof in fine condition. That’s why it’s crucial to arrange a routine roof inspection with a roofing company for regular maintenance and replacements. You’ll be able to maintain your roof shingles or metal roofing construction in good shape for many years.

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With our many years of experience in this industry, our locally owned and managed company, TRIO Roofers has already built a reputation based on outstanding and affordable customer service for clients in the San Jose, CA. We can take care of any size of roofing jobs, delivering each project using the latest and most effective methods in roof repair or renovation.


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Don’t put off getting your roof shingles repaired or replaced if it’s clear. Things might quickly deteriorate in a few seasons or even days. In such circumstances, roof repair in the form of a roof assessment will help you avoid future structural damage. Of course, San Carlos has a plethora of roofing firms, but TRIO Roofers will do a roof repair or replacement perfectly and swiftly. If you want a new roof, they’ll get it done fast as possible so you’re protected from the extremes such as storms, snow, or rain.

Roofing specialists at our company will do comprehensive roof replacement, repair work, or roof inspection. Roof repairing solutions, such as roof maintenance and testing, are provided by a dependable roofing company. You’ll be able to enjoy the perfect mix: low-cost roofing repair and comprehensive roof repair. If your situation is critical, we can estimate the expense of a new roof. Finally, you’ll either get away with a roof repair or obtain a price for a new roof.

We are very proud to have made this strong reputation of being one of the best residential roofing contractors in [post_title], CA. Due to this, we give our clients insurance backed with up to 10 years of warranty on every new project. With our commitment on giving optimum results all the time, we are continuously developing a wide range of water resistant, environment friendly and hard wearing materials to use that will make any roof we fix or renovate lasts for a much longer period of time.

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If your home is in need of a new top, you can’t go wrong with TRIO Roofers Residential Roofing services. Whether you have a major roof leak or just want to replace worn shingles on your home or rental property, our experienced roof installers can handle the job. We use top-quality materials on all projects, including tile, shake, wood, comp, and more.

TRIO Roofers are experts in roof repairs with our highly trained, skilled contractors. Our team will do a full diagnose on the damage and communicate the extent of the damage to the homeowner in order to provide a full on site solution. All of our work can be done the same day if available as the repair was diagnosed, hence, saving our client’s precious time.  

Roof Maintenance is important to keeping your investment in one tip-top shape for many years to come. In fact, many warranties that accompany a roof from the manufacture void if not properly maintained by their suggestions. Most manufactures suggest common practices that can

For commercial roofing jobs large or small, you can’t beat the reliable service and top-quality materials you’ll receive from the roofing specialists at TRIO Roofers. We’ve specialized in all types of commercial roofing work, from new construction to patching leaks and more. Commercial roofing service from TRIO Roofers can be tailored to suit all types of business and industrial structures, including banks, warehouses, schools, churches, hospitals, markets, and more.

We are the favorite choice for full-service roofing in San Jose, CA and the surrounding areas for a reason. Firstly, everyone knows that we are capable of roof installation of all kinds. No matter what your ideas for your home or commercial property may be, we are the company that can give you the roof you want and need. You can trust that our roofing installation also offers vast longevity and unrivaled strength. That is why we are the top choice for roofing installation in San Jose, CA. 

Building any type of new property is a serious endeavor. As an investor, you want to make sure that you are getting the highest return on your money. The only way to ensure a high return is to work with professional contractors who’ve completed their roofing jobs successfully. Here at TRIO Roofers, we have the experience and a professional body of work that would lay to rest the concerns of the most thoughtful investors. We do solid roofing construction in San Jose, CA guaranteed.

Emergency roof services

It all could start with a small leak and within a few hours it could become a serious problem for the entire home, apartment or commercial property. Therefore, it would be prudent to take the advice of professionals like us who are good at providing proactive maintenance services for roofs so that such emergencies can be avoided.

We look forward to repair and fortify your roof!

What we do?

We offer roofing experts who provide a variety of roofing solutions. Preventative is always preferable to cures, and periodic roof repair is the greatest method to avoid the need for a full re-roofing. Complicated roof designs are not a problem for our roof experts. Our customers can choose from a variety of roof types that are absolutely clear, effective, and beautiful. We pay close consideration to the level of detail, the materials utilized, and everything other that is required to complete each job successfully.

We provide detailed, cost-effective alternatives that ensure excellent treatment and outcomes. Our skilled roofers will inspect your roof and identify the best course of action. Aesthetics concerns, structural concerns, corrosion, weathering, and installation are all covered. We deal with masonry, flashing, fascia, guttering, and entire roofs as well as chimney repairs.

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Numerous homeowners nowadays are looking for ways to save money on the roofing project. As a result, they attempt to take a do-it-yourself strategy. However, because the roof is such an important aspect of your home, it’s better to entrust it to the experts. Of course, choosing a professional roofing company will be more expensive than you desire. Nonetheless, a roofing firm will guarantee that your home is adequately protected for many years to come.

We are an experienced roofing company with all of the necessary equipment and skills to conduct roof repairs and installations. Hopefully, we know how to properly construct your roofing. When you calculate prospective expenses, you’ll discover that you’ll save a lot of money in the long run.

These skilled roofers get all of the tools and expertise necessary to ensure their safety. Furthermore, we are a licensed roofing firm that is covered by insurance in the case of an accident. As an outcome, you won’t be worried about dealing with unpleasant scenarios with medical costs. In addition, we have extensive experience with roof replacement and repair. We are dedicated to giving excellent customer service to you. To do so, we are always aware of your requirements and reply immediately to any request.

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Homeowners everywhere are looking for ways to save money on the roofing project. As a result, they attempt to take a do-it-yourself strategy. However, because the roof is such an important aspect of your home, it’s best to leave it to the experts. In fact, choosing a qualified roofing firm may be more expensive than you expect. Nonetheless, a roofing firm will guarantee that your home is adequately protected for many coming years.