How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels are made out of photovoltaic cells that convert the sun’s energy into electricity. Photovoltaic cells are sandwiched between layers of semi-conducting materials such as silicone.

Each layer has different electronic properties that energize when hit by photons from sunlight, creating an electric field. This is known as the photoelectric effect and it’s this that creates the current needed to produce electricity.

Solid Source of Electricity

Solar panels generate a direct current of electricity. This is then passed through an inverter to convert it into an alternating current, which can then be funneled into the power grid or used by the home or business the solar panels are attached to.

Solar panels give you guaranteed power when the sun is shining providing a consistent, stable form of generation throughout the day. This makes California the perfect place for solar panels.

After they’ve been installed, solar panels need little to no maintenance just occasional cleaning to keep them clear of dirt and debris. Solar panels are very safe. They’re mostly made from silicon sheets, and there’s no danger of the photovoltaic cells leaking or emitting any toxins or fumes.

If you are planning on having roof work done, then is a good time to look into installing solar panels.  There are many programs available that can bring down the cost significantly.

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